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2AM Health gladly supports Healthtech accelerator

First Lithuanian Healthtech accelerator has been launched and 2AM Health team is glad to support this initiative, bringing in the specialized expertise in healthtech commercialization. Healthtech accelerator’s participants receive free access to passago. platform content, including the essential information about IP protection, fundraising, business modeling and value proposition.

According to the organizer - Future Leadership Innovation Agency, the aim of this initiative is to bring together stakeholders and invite them to create a Healthtech ecosystem in Lithuania, uniting professionals from various fields who are passionate about improving the current health system. 29 teams are following 7-week intensive acceleration program, that involves intensive mentoring and training. More than 150 participants (doctors, nurses, IT, design, PM, and others) are learning about idea validation, product - market fit, business fundamentals and other important topics that will help them to define their value proposition and to evaluate their commercialization potential.

More than 20 mentors & experts have joined the program to support the participants, including the founders of 2AM Health - Monika Nair and Aurelija Galvelyte.

More about accelerator:


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