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Investors’ day – startup program finals with 6 investors!

Life science and healthtech entrepreneurship training program, presented by Lithuanian Innovation Agency and 2AM Health has come to an end. In the past 1,5 months we have intensively worked with startups achieving real progress in the regulatory, business strategy, fundraising and other topics, thanks to the unprecedented, entirely individualized training program. The final event of the program – the Investors’ day attracted a number of life science and healthtech investors, coming from Lithuania, Italy, France and Switzerland to look for real investment opportunities.

The 7 startup teams that have completed the training program and successfully presented their solutions to the investors panel are:

  • DiaWiser - Sina Zare Pharm-D, Monika Fetingyte, Justas Ostasevičius

  • BrachyDOSE - Neringa Šeperienė

  • Fresh up - Simona Sutkuviene, Neda Graželytė

  • Integral Solutions - Sarunas Baciliunas, Anna Chwalibóg

  • MEDvisus - Viktorija Bebrauskiene

  • @Number8 Labs - Lauryna Pudžiuvelytė, Jolita Stabrauskiene

  • EmPlastrum - Aurimas Mazuras

Congrats to all!

And here are the 2 key take-aways from 2AM Health team regarding this unique program:

Individualized training programs deliver real, significant value to the startups and their businesses, no matter their maturity.

We believe in - and have been advocating for the hands-on individual, tailor-made approach rather than cohort - based training to deliver meaningful value and to achieve progress. During this training program we have witnessed startups crumble, crash and rise again, thanks to our 1:1 consulting approach – challenging the status quo in order to defy previously formed assumptions on business strategy and to crystalize their true value proposition.

Having access to the international network of experts and investors opens completely new horizons and offers new opportunities.

It expands the entrepreneurship strategy even if you are a successful startup locally. Since the inception of 2AM Health we have been dedicating our efforts to bringing our international network of experts, investors and entrepreneurs to the Lithuanian ecosystem with the main goal - exposure. A chance to learn from more mature countries and continents.

During this program we have witnessed concrete growth moments in all participants thanks to working with international experts - from learning about German reimbursement system and opportunities to sell to the public health institutions, to the encouragement to be more ambitious when fundraising – asking for realistic investments rather than just for survival, as it is a common practice abroad.

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