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PIOAS project – Winner at Tech Park Kaunas

Photo source: Tech Park Kaunas 2022

On the 1st of December 2022 PIOAS project has been awarded as the best healthtech solution of 2022 under development. The competition was organized by Tech Park Kaunas, association Santaka Valley and Kaunas IN agency, and the winners were selected by investors and innovation community. The general public were also able to express their support to the most promissing startup by voting on the online news channel. The award is dedicated for the global achievements and the PIOAS project definitely has the global ambitions from day one.

PIOAS project is a multistakeholder innovation project aiming to revolutionize non-invasive home monitoring of Covid-19 and other lung diseases’ patients. To develop the project, multi-disciplinary team has been brought together, including engineers, doctors, scientists and other experts. Participating organizations include Vilnius University Hospital Santaros Klinikos, Hadroneda and 2AM Health.

2AM Health has been supporting PIOAS project with Regulatory Classification and Indented Purpose definition, Regulatory Roadmap outline and Risks Analysis – essential Regulatory certification milestones.

PIOAS project has been chosen to receive financing support from EIT Health Innostars Regional Innovation Scheme (RIS) Call 2022, aiming to “promote healthcare innovation in countries with the modest and moderate innovation capacity and to match healthcare innovators from the EIT Health network with the talent pool and innovative organisations from EIT Health Hubs regions”. Together with other 20 selected teams PIOAS is working on the Proof-of-Concept development.

More about EIT Health Regional innovation scheme:


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