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Leading European grant application support agency partners with 2AM Health

We at 2AM Health continue working on our vision to be the one-stop-shop for commercialization matters for life science innovators in the Baltic region. We proudly announce that we have signed a collaboration agreement with Inspiralia through its’ Italian business partner Europartner Service Srl. Inspiralia is one of the leading European grant application support service providers and from now, we will be jointly bringing the crucial competences and expertise to the market and will be boosting the success rates of grant applications also in the Baltic region.

Since 2005 Inspiralia has won more than 950 million euro funding to its’ clients, and specifically, 194 million euro since 2019 in consortia-based calls. Inspiralia has been successfully supporting researchers, SMEs and startups in Europe and in the USA. European programs include Horizon Europe (Thematic Priorities (IAs, RIAs and CSAs)), EIC Accelerator, EIC Transition, EIC Pathfinder, CINEA (Innovation Fund, LIFE), Eureka Eurostars. The covered programs in the USA are NIH, DoD and NSF agencies (SBIR instrument), and also government contracting.

Among the available services, we shall offer Proposal preparation, identification and completion of the consortium, support on budgeting, delivery of the complete Proposal to all Consortium members and submission of the project Proposal on behalf of the Consortium taking care of all administrative steps. Other services will include facilitation of the negotiations and the process towards the access to the Funding contract (the “Grant Agreement”), by providing the client with the necessary information and advice to comply with the grant requirements. Specifically, that ranges from preparations for the negotiations’ meetings, validation of partners, preparation/ amendment of the DOA, preparation of the final budget, to the management of the information on the Participant Portal, and many other.

This collaboration is a great opportunity for Lithuanian ecosystem since Lithuanian region has been underrepresented in terms of the quantity of submitted applications and actual awarding of grants. ”We are happy to offer the first Proposal Validation step for free, in order to define the suitability of the candidate project to the related funding scheme and to explore the potential matching with the consortium“ - says Monika Nair, director of 2AM Health. “It was our mission to bring reputable grant support organization to the region, with which hopefully the incredible talent and expertise of Lithuanian scientists and companies will be better realized, and we will be able to unlock numerous opportunities available at the European level. Thanks to our strong personal relationship with our partners, we also manage to offer competitive prices to Lithuanian clients”.

This collaboration announcement comes just in the right time, as the next Call will be starting in January 2023.

More about Inspiralia:

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